Lovera - Adjustable Roofing System

Lovera, aluminum roof awnings that can be opened or closed. Practical, functional, and elegant.

Specifications & Advantages:

  1. Flexible. Lovera can be opened and closed with a span of 90 degrees rotation. Open to bring sunlight in, and close it when it rains.
  2. Ease of Operations. Opening and closing Lovera awnings is very easy. Available in automatic or a manual,it's operation is as simple as pushing a button using a remote control with the automatic setting, or using a manual pull.
  3. Dependable. Lovera is manufactured with anodized aluminum, which is naturally rust free and weather resistant. It is easy to clean, and requires practically no maintenance.
  4. Available in multiple colors, or as natural aluminum.

Usage :

  1. Carports
  2. Outdoor eating areas
  3. Gazebos
  4. Outside grill area.
  5. Swimming pool shades, and much more.

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  • Our Innovative Product Lovera, Aldora, Foldora, Decoprofile, Giano, Sequra.
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