Decoprofile - Aluminium Wood Profile

Decoprofile is our line of aluminum doors and window frames. With an elegant European design, and the look like natural wood, while engineered with the unsurpassed durability of aluminum.

Decoprofile utilizes our powder-coating technology. Unlike conventional paint or applied texture coating which will peel and wear off, the wooden hard finish texture is embedded into the surface, making the texture part of the product. This makes the coating in Decoprofile much tougher than conventional paint.


  • Strength & Durability.
    Decoprofile is naturally weatherproof and will not rust, unlike natural wood which will break down over time and is susceptible to termites. Its powder coating texture resists wear and tear.
  • Aesthetic Design.
    Decoprofile's modern European design looks just like natural wood will accentuate your buildings.
  • Eco - Friendly.
    By purchasing Decoprofile doors and windows, you have just done your part in making our planet a greener place.
  • Affordable.
    Decoprofile's durability and dependability ensures maintenance free operation, means you will never have to ever spend another dime or worry about it breaking down.
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